Graduate History Association

About the GHA

The History Graduate Student Association (GHA) is an organization of graduate students within the State University of New York at Buffalo. Our mission is to enrich the intellectual and social life of our members and to foster stronger ties between the discipline of history and the other social sciences. The GHA meets once a month to discuss graduate student concerns and topics of mutual interest. For example, members may evaluate candidates from departmental faculty searches or apply for some of the funds the association allocates for travel expenses for students who hope to attend and/or present at a conference. Every year, the GHA organizes its own conference, a multi-disciplinary symposium where graduate students are encouraged to present their work to their fellow students and professors. The Milton Plesur Conference, named in honor of Professor Milton Plesur (1927-87) who devoted his career to teaching thousands of UB students, provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience a critical discussion of their work from other interested and knowledgeable parties as well as simply gain experience speaking in public. This activity is funded in part by the Graduate Students Association and by the department of History. In addition, the GHA happily sponsors the conferences of other graduate associations of the social sciences. - From the Graduate History Association Constitution

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2013 GHA Newsletter

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New Student Guidebook

We at the GHA have compiled some of the more important things about the ins and outs of the academic side of the program, but we’ve also included sections on life in Buffalo: where to live, things to do while you’re living here, as well as answers to other questions that past students (ourselves included) have had during their time in the program. We hope that this information will help clear up any questions that you may have as you enter into the program, but moreover, we hope that it will help you settle in and feel a little more confident about what the next several years have in store for you. Buffalo is a great place to live, and our History Department is full of easy-going and friendly students, faculty, and staff. We’re all looking forward to meeting you!

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