GSA Internal Funding Opportunities

Conference Funding

There are two sources of funding which you can receive concurrently for the same conference. Please read carefully the instructions for applying to these funding opportunities.

NOTE: If you waive your student activity fee, you are not eligible for Conference Funding from the LAI-GSA or Big GSA.

“Big” GSA (amount is a career total, separate from funding provided by LAI-GSA)

LAI-GSA (amount is an annual total, awarded on a first-come first-served basis)

  • Attending – up to $100 per academic year

  • Presenting – up to $200 per academic year

  • Total annual amount requested cannot exceed $200 (i.e. you cannot receive funding to present at and attend a conference)

  • Conference Funding Request Form

  • Funding requests must be presented at a LAI-GSA meeting at least one month before the date of the conference. (For example, LAI-GSA meets October 8 and you will attend a conference on December 2. Requests should be submitted by the October meeting because LAI-GSA may not meet again until November 12.)

  • Note: Remember that you are signing the Conference Grant Agreement after the conference.

Club Level Funding Opportunities

*If you have ideas for LAI to take advantage of these GSA-funded opportunities, please contact the LAI-GSA Officers

Scholarly Publication

  • Up to $1,400 to fund the creation of a journal or other publication

Symposia Funding

  • Up to $1,400 to hold even to highlight graduate student work – including poster sessions and invitation of speakers

Special Activities Funding

  • Up to $1,200 to plan and sponsor any event that interests and serves to benefit a large and diverse graduate student population

Interdepartmental Special Activities Funding

  • Any group of two or more departmental GSA clubs may apply for up to $400 to help fund an event or activity of an interdisciplinary nature or that fosters the relationship between the participating departments

Non-Profit Outreach Funding

  • Any club is eligible to organize a community service project, most often with a non-profit organization, consisting of at least five (5) graduate students from their department and 40 hours of total volunteer service

  • Upon completion of the project, the club will have its budget for that year increased by $200