Incoming PhD cohorts range in size from three to eight people, depending on the funding availability and the applicant pool. The department typically graduates between one and four PhDs per year. (More info on graduation rates, retention rates, and placement rates coming soon.) Information about recent PhD graduate placement is available on the Department website.  For more data on the History Profession, visit the AHA website.

Degrees Conferred 2017

Kathryn Lawton
Jenny Nickeson
Valerie Phillips
Betsy Plumb

Degrees Conferred 2016

Ling Ma
W. Jake Newsome
Averill Earls
Sarah Handley-Cousins

Degrees Conferred 2015

Steve Peraza
Philip Guingona
Michael Durfee
Violetta Ravagnoli

Mel Carey
Carly Scherer
Heather Frisicaro
Laura Nitzberg
Andrea Dzrewiecki
Joseph Humnicky
Anh Sy Huy Le
Siyue Liu
Shannon Lunney
Frank Smierciak
Scott McDonald
Bridget Pumm