History Reference Librarian

As the University at Buffalo Libraries’ dedicated History librarian, Charles D’Aniello is an important resource for any graduate student conducting research. While any reference librarian at UB can assist graduate students with general research questions, Charles D’Aniello’s knowledge of the libraries’ holdings and historical databases is unmatched, making him ideal of answering detail research questions. Charles D’Aniello has published works as both a librarian and a historian, and his research interests include the study of historical bibliographic and reference sources. Charles D’Aniello is also interested in new forms of digital media, and has been research and testing e-book readers over the last few years. Along with History, Charles D’Aniello is also the UB Libraries expert in American Studies, Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, and Asian Studies.

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To contact Charles D’Aniello, call him at (716) 645-2814 ext. 424, or send him an email at lclcharl@buffalo.edu