This site will keep you up to date on LIS-GSA/DLIS events, meetings, and information. Also, consider signing up one of our listservs to stay notified of upcoming events and job openings.

Who are we?

We are your student representatives and we strive to improve the overall quality of student life. Check out the officers section to find out more about us!

What do we do?

The primary purpose of the Graduate Student Association of the Department of Library and Information Science is to:

1. Advocate DLIS student interests to DLIS Council, Graduate School of Education, GSA Senate, and ad-hoc University committees to voice students’ questions, comments, and concerns on Departmental and University operations.

2. Provide funding for student events, department events, and conference reimbursement. Conference reimbursement is a mechanism to allow students to gain valuable conference experience without burdening the entire cost.

3. Host social events for its members, either through our own initiative or by supporting other organizations within the field of library science. This is achieved through parties, service activities and other sponsored events which provide the chance to network with those who will be our professional peers.