Get Involved

 Current Openings:



LIS-GSA needs a few students to volunteer to be senators ( These students are responsible for going to the monthly senate meetings, signing in, and bringing back a report for the LIS-GSA. This is a VERY important role since our LIS-GSA bank account becomes frozen if we do not have senators regularly attending meetings.

Vice President

Assist the president with planning and attend monthly meetings.

Student Chapters

The student chapters of The American Library Association, Special Library Association, and Public Library Association (ALA, SLA, and PLA) need Presidents.  Running a student chapter of one of these associations looks fantastic on a resume. If no one steps up for these positions, we simply will not have a student chapter running for this academic year.

Interested in starting or rebooting a UB library student association? Go for it! Contact the current presidents at a club meeting or our emails for help.