Student Led Workshops


Any student (online or on campus) is eligible to perform a student lead workshop.

What are they?

Students can choose their own topic to give a brief, informative presentation on. The student will be given from 15-30 minutes to present this topic to the group at one of the group meetings (meeting dates found in the ‘events’ tab of this website).

The range of topics is very broad- anything relating to Library Science, Information Science, Education, Instruction, etc. They can include items that the student has learned from classes, work, internships, or personal study. If a student would like to use this time to practice a presentation they are required to give they are more than welcome.

Similar workshops topics in the past have involved book-binding, instructing on how to use a particular database, and storytelling.

Don’t be afraid to get creative or weird with it!


These workshops are beneficial for both the presenter and other group members. The presenter receives extra experience in instruction, public speaking, and presenting. The group members are exposed to new things and ideas they may have never known otherwise.


Students can present either virtually (through the use of their own webcam and microphone) or on campus. Both online students and on campus students are welcome to present. If you would like to present, please e-mail the current president the following information:

-Your Name, your topic to present, any technology you need (projector, etc.), if you will be presenting virtually or in person, and what meeting time you would like to present.

Please note: virtual presentations (any presentation in which the presenter will not be traveling to campus) will have to present at the meetings that are hosted online.