About Us


President: Ariel Noffke
Vice President: Rebecca Biermann
Treasurer: Jonathan White
Secretary: Melanie Lacan
Faculty Committee Liaison: Hannah Quaintance
Webmaster: Alec Iacobucci

Amber Kalush
Emily Eklund
Alternate Senators: Amandine Eriksen, Mark Conaway, Liz Smith, Brittany

The purpose of the University of Buffalo’s AGSA is to further research and intellectual aims of

graduate students in anthropology and allied disciplines by organization of symposia, lectures,

and seminars or current research and other aspects of anthropology and other interdisciplinary

studies.  It aims to: foster increased communication between graduate students and faculty in

anthropology and allied disciplines at this institution and at institutions outside of the university;

to promote greater graduate student cohesion and communication and welcome new graduate

students to the Department of Anthropology, as well as recommend new approaches and engage

the study of present approaches in anthropology.