Archaeology Graduate Students

 NameAdviserContact InformationUndergraduate/Graduate WorkResearch Area and InterestsAwards & Grants
Allen, Kathryn GrowDr. Tim Chevralkegrow@buffalo.eduSUNY Geneseo Double Major BA-International Relations & Political Science; AnthropologyBioarchaeology, Human Osteology, Paleopathology, Health & Disease, Identity & Ethnicity, Politics of the Dead, Eastern Europe
Circone, AshleyDr. Peter F. Biehlashleyce@buffalo.eduBA in Anthropology and Classics at SUNY BuffaloCeramic Analysis and Technology, Aegean and Near Eastern Bronze Age, Anatolia, Craft Production, Trade and Exchange
Dubinin, NathanDr. Tim BA in Anthropology from Purdue University
Dysart, Matthew Dr. Warren Barbourmrdysart@buffalo.eduUniversity of Montana, Historical ArchaeologyCognitive shifts in populations which lead to the creation of state societies, or the crash/rebellion of societies.
Eklund, EmilyDr. Tim Chevralemilyekl@buffalo.eduUniversity of Wisconsin - La Crosse, BA in German, BA in archaeology Central Asia/Northeastern Eurasia, Pastoralism, Landscape Archaeology
Harrison, Laura Dr. Peter F. Biehl laurahar@buffalo.eduIthaca College B.A. Anthropology and Art Historycomplex societies, urbanism and architecture, archaeology of space and place, social and behavioral
IEMA Student Research Scholarship 2011,
NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant 2015
Hart, Ashlee B.Dr. Peter F. Biehl ahart3@buffalo.eduUniversity of Idaho B.S. in Anthropology, B.A. in HistoryThrace, Bulgaria, Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, Import and Imitation, Identity, Greek Colonization, Cultural Ideology, Ceramic AnalysisAIA Field School Scholarship, Teaching Assistantship
Hoffman, SarahDr. Tim Chevralsehoffma@buffalo.eduBA Anthropology UMass Amherst, MS Paleopathology/Durham University, MA Anthropology/University at BuffaloBioarchaeology, Paleopathology, Landscape Archaeology, and Place Attachment. Current Project: Place, Practice, and Pathology in Medieval IcelandGraduate teaching assistantship, departmental retention award, Scandinavian Foundation Fellow, IEMA Travel and Research Scholarship, MDRF Grant.
Iacobucci, AlecDr. Ezra Zubrowaleciaco@buffalo.eduBA in French Language and Literature at SUNY GeneseoIron Age Europe - France.
Kalush, AmberDr. Tim
Lacan, MelanieDr. Tim Chevralmlacan@buffalo.eduBA Anthropology from Indiana University Northwest and MA in Social Sciences from the University of ChicagoWestern European Iron Age. Political organization, space and privacy. Ritual landscapes.Graduate teaching Assistantship, Dean's Scholarship
Phillips, KeenanDr. Tim Chevralkeenanph@buffalo.eduBA from Franklin Pierce UniversityViking and Iron age Archaeology
Poltorak, Darren L. Dr. Tim Chevralpoltorak@buffalo.eduUniversity of Michigan, B.A. in Anthropology and Classical ArchaeologyResidue analysis, foodways, and Roman period Dacia (Romania)Marian E. White Fellowship 2008-2012, Institute of European and Mediterranean Archaeology Student Research Scholarship 2011
Prego, JosephDr. Ezra Zubrowjprego@buffalo.eduBA in History and Classical Civilizations from The Catholic University of AmericaLate Antique/Early Medieval Mediterranean
Rasmussen, JasonDr. Tim Chevraljcrasmus@buffalo.eduBA in Anthropology and Classics from the University of Mississippi, MA in Classical Archaeology from the University of Leiden (Netherlands)Neolithic Europe, Identity, bioarchaeology
Rosch, HeatherDr. Peter F. Biehlhrosch@buffalo.eduBA in Biology (2012) and Anthropology (2013) from SUNY Albany and MA in Anthropology from the University at BuffaloOttoman Anatolia, archaeometry, landscape archaeology, rural populations, cultural heritage and public outreach, urbanizationGraduate Assistant for the Institute of European and Mediterranean Archaeology
Ruhl, ErikaDr. Ezra Zubrowerikaruh@buffalo.eduMarquette University, Honors B.A.Archaeological textiles and concepts of identityInstitute of European and Mediterranean Archaeology Student Research Scholarship 2015
Smith, ElizabethDr. Tim Chevralensmith2@buffalo.eduMA in Cultural History from Aberdeen University, BA in Anthropology from Indiana University, MSc in Paleopathology from Durham UniversityMortuary practices, human osteology, paleopathology, archaeothanatology, Anglo Saxon period, Medieval Northern Europe, archaeological textiles
Troskosky, ChristopherDr. Ezra Zubrowcbtrosko@buffalo.eduBS in archaeology and BA in Geography from Mercyhurst UniversityGeoarchaeology, complexity and emergent behavior, historically contingent landscapes, early neolithic and early Bronze Age, Eastern Baltic Basin