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EAC is the Eurasian Archaeology Conference. This year’s session is entitled Gods on the Grassland, Myths in the Mountains It is being held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY this year from October 26-28th. Submissions are currently closed, but registration for attendance is still available. See for details

EAC 2017

The AGSA and the Anthropology department are hosting a poster competition. There will be prizes for the top three graduate posters and free food. We also offer a small amount of funds to help defer the costs of printing posters. Contact with any questions.

Poster competition – May 5th

The Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) is hosting their annual meeting in Toronto, Canada from May 18 – 20, 2017. This year’s theme focuses on the mediation of and within archaeology. The AGSA has organized a session titled “The Past in the Present: Mediating Cultural Heritage”. The focus of this session […]

Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG)