Chinese Students and Scholars Association


Unite And Serve Chinese Students And Scholars.
Enrich Their Social, Academic And Professional Experience.
Promote Sino-US Cultural Exchanges.

Pick Up Service

CSSA members will drive to the airport to pick up UB’s freshmen who arrived in Buffalo directly to their destination.

Promote Chinese Culture

In order to promote the diversity of China. CSSA hosts a variety of cultural experiences and educational activities during each semester.

Bank Service

CSSA will organize freshman to nearby banks to assist with local bank cards, credit cards and other  financial services.

Freshmen Handbook

Our editors collected and arranged a manual for Chinese students at UB that includes all aspects of students’ life.

Academic Support

At CSSA, find a classmate or a senior sister to tutoring. CSSA@UB also regularly invites academic guests to give their tips.

Events & Gala

CSSA@UB organizes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, or distributes festive food and shows at the China Transmission Festival.

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