Member Benefits

Labor Contract with the State of New York:

Our most recent labor contract contained several benefits for TAs and GAs, including employee health insurance, annual raises, research funds through the Professional Development Award, and additional money through the Fee Mitigation Fund and the Doctoral Recruitment and Retention Fund.  A link to our most recent contract can be accessed on the “Contract” page of this website.  If anyone has any questions, concerns, and/or problems please do not hesitate to contact any of the GSEU officers.

Health Insurance:

As stated above, through the work of the GSEU, TAs and GAs at UB are entitled to employee health insurance through the Student Employee Health Plan (SEHP).  Previously, TAs and GAs were forced to purchase the more expensive student health insurance plan.  For details on the SEHP and upcoming health insurance orientation classes visit the “Health Insurance” page on this website.     

Transportation Fee Waiver:

Due to the work of the GSEU, TAs and GAs at UB do not pay a transportation fee.  Be sure to check your ebill to make sure your transportation fee has been waived.  If you have any questions please contact either Juhi Roy or Colin Eager.

Dependent Care Advantage Account:

The Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA) is a pre-tax account that can be used by TAs and GAs for daycare or other dependent care expenses.  Not only did the GSEU negotiate for TAs and GAs to be able to enroll in this program, but it was also able to obtain $600 for each enrollee to put towards their dependent care.  Enrollment for 2016 has come to an end.  For more on the DCAA see the website below.

Professional Development Award:

Through this program, TAs and GAs can apply at a designated time to get reimbursed for up to $1,000 for conference and research expenses.  The application deadline for 2016 has passed.

Retirement Plan Options:

See the website below to learn about the retirement plans that are available for TAs and GAs at UB.


As a CWA Local 1104/GSEU member you are entitled to a number of benefits and discounts that reduce costs for various expenses.  You and your dependents are also eligible to enter two scholarship competitions. Below is the information regarding the specific benefits available, as well as the two scholarship opportunities:

AT&T Wireless

Union members can save 15% off your regular monthly rate for all AT&T wireless individual or family plans under AT&T discount FAN number: 3508840.  For more information on this discount visit the website below:


Union members can save 10% off all Goodyear tires or 5% off sale tires at company-owned Goodyear and Just Tires, and 10% off car service, including auto maintenance, auto parts, or 5% off preventative maintenance.  For more information on this discount visit the website below:


Union members are eligible to receive 20% off on flower arrangements, baskets, and gifts by visiting and using promotion code UPMAIN.  For more information on the discount, visit the website below:

Movie Tickets

Union members are eligible to order reduced price AMC and Regal movie tickets.  For more information please visit:

Budget Truck Rental

Union members save 20% on moving truck rentals through Budget Truck Rental when you use Discount Number 56000127763.  For more information visit:

Accidental Death Insurance

Your union membership entitles you to one full year of accidental death insurance in the amount of $20,000.  For more information please visit:

Union Plus Scholarship Program

The union plus scholarship program is designed to help union members, union leaders and their families reach their higher education goals.  This scholarship is available to those seeking undergraduate and graduate school degrees.  Please visit the link below for further details.

CWA Joe Beirne Scholarship

To be eligible for the CWA Joe Beirne Scholarship you must be a CWA member, or a spouse, child or grandchild of a member.  See the link below for further details.


For members who take public transportation regularly, NYSRide offers a way to save money on your expenses through a pre-tax payroll deduction.  See the link below for details, as well as how to sign-up for the program.


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