New TAs and GAs

GSEU Membership:

All TAs and GAs employed by SUNY are part of the GSEU bargaining unit and pay the union a percentage of their income (dues).  However, to become an official member, you must fill out a pink membership form and return it to either Juhi Roy or Colin Eager, or your department mobilizer.  These forms are distributed at health insurance orientations, GSEU meetings, and general orientation activities.  At the moment, approximately 65% of UB TAs and GAs have signed their cards.  It is very important for all TAs and GAs to become members of the GSEU.  The GSEU’s ability to fight for and advance the rights and benefits of TAs and GAs is enhanced as its membership numbers grow.  Simply put, the more TAs and GAs that join the GSEU, the stronger the GSEU will be.  Furthermore, becoming a member allows you to access all of the benefits of the union, as well as vote in any union elections and contract ratification votes.  To become a member of the GSEU or to arrange a meeting, please contact Juhi Roy or Colin Eager.

Contract and Health Insurance information:

A link to our current labor contract can be found on the “Contract” page of this website.

Be sure to see the benefits you are entitled to in the “Member Benefits” section of this website.

For information on health insurance and health insurance orientations, please see the “Heath Insurance” page of this website.

Get Involved!

The strength and effectiveness of the GSEU is based solely on the participation of its members.  Be sure to attend all GSEU meetings and gatherings.  Serving as a department mobilizer is a great way to be involved in the work of the GSEU.  The position entails making sure TAs and GAs in your department are kept informed about GSEU business, attending GSEU meetings and events, and passing along any issues and concerns to the GSEU officers.  If you would like to volunteer to be a GSEU department mobilizer, please contact Juhi Roy or Colin Eager, whose contact information can be found on the “Contact Us” page.