iCog Collaborations

iCog seeks to facilitate collaboration across constituent disciplines and to raise the profile of cognitive science.

The project of cognitive science is to answer such questions as:

  • What is the structure of the mind? Which parts of the mind are innate and which are learned?
  • How do we come to perceive the world? What is consciousness, and how is it produced?
  • What aspects of cognition are uniquely human, and which do we share with other animals?
  • How are concepts formed? How do we acquire language? Does language structure thought, and if so, how?
  • What capacities are involved in various kinds of decision-making and executive function?
  • What is moral cognition and how does it work?

Obviously several of these questions are relevant to philosophy. Perhaps collaboration will benefit both fields?

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Several amendments have been proposed to the current Bylaws. Please review the proposed changes at your leisure (festina lente). A forum has been created for discussion of the proposed changes and perhaps discussions of additional changes. The proposed changes can be found here. Links to relevant areas of the existing bylaws are embedded within the proposal.

To quote Pericles, “Be a good GPA member; review the Bylaws. Do it.”