Conference Funding

Graduate Philosophy Association Conference Funding

To receive funding through the Graduate Philosophical Association (GPA), please do the following:

1. Notify either the Treasurer or the GPA President with your request, so that it can be added to the agenda of the next GPA meeting and go up for a vote. In your request, please include the following information:

–Your Name

–Your Address

–Name/Location/Dates of Conference

–Name of Paper (if presenting)

–Requested Amount

2. If your request is accepted, then you must keep itemized receipts from your travels. Failure to present this documentation to the GSA will result in failure to receive reimbursement. Also, if your name is in a program or on a poster, then hang onto a copy as proof of your participation.

Request early! Your request has to be voted on first, and then processing requests can take up to two weeks after the vote.

The GPA may allocate up to 200 per year for the reimbursement of an individual club member for conducting research and/or for conference or convention attendance (200 for presenters and 100 for attendees). Reimbursements may apply to registration, transportation, lodging (up to 150/night unless granted prior approval by the GSA Treasurer), and food (up to 30/day). For further information regarding conference funding guidelines please see here, or review the Treasurer ‘Best Practices’ document located in GPA dropbox (please contact the GPA Webmaster for access details).

The GPA E-Board typically recommends requesting conference funding in $50 blocks per request due to the high number of conference funding requests each year and the limited GPA budget. Graduate students are, of course, permitted to request as much funding as the GSA allows.

Graduate Student Association Conference Funding

Graduate students can also receive funding through the Graduate Student Association. See the application there for instructions. They can give you up to $550 total for PhD students ($350 for MA) throughout their time at Buffalo.

Tip: Request more from the GSA than you think you will need, and then see what you get.

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