Buffalo Logic Colloquium

November 7, 4pm, 141 Park Hall

Composition as Pattern

Steve Petersen, Niagara University Philosophy Department

Peter van Inwagen’s Special Composition Question asks when a bunch of things, together, compose a new thing. Here I propose an answer. The proposal fills in some of Daniel Dennett’s sketch in his (1991) paper, according to which, very roughly, the xx compose a y just in case the xx form an real pattern. Call the resulting answer Patternism.

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Philosophy Conference: Spinoza, Judaism, and Politics

Speakers: Professors Steven Nadler, Zev Harvey, Richard A. Cohen, Alex Green

Wednesday, November 6, 12am – Thu, November 7, 12am

The conference is sponsored by the Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage but don’t let that fool you, its a philosophy conference. Also, as you no doubt know, Steven Nadler is one of the world’s leading Spinoza scholars, we are very fortunate to have him. (How? I sent him an email, and he agreed to come! No, I don’t know him personally.) Also, Zev Harvey… a top name in medieval and early modern philosophy, again we are fortunate (but I know Zev, and he’ll be a Visiting Prof. at Columbia University in the fall, hence the invitation and acceptance). What can I say, I’ll (Richard Cohen) also be speaking (three published papers on Spinoza), and our (IJTH) newest faculty member (affiliated with philosophy, but hired into history): Alex Green, who has already published two papers on Spinoza as a graduate student!

Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy: Nov 2-3

The Annual Meeting of the Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy is an interdisciplinary conference with a particular emphasis on troubling the discipline of philosophy and the theory/practice dichotomy. Midwest SWIP has always had a practice of making its programs spaces for work that develops feminist ideas, theory, philosophy, and practice. We have not included on our programs work that does not engage feminist concerns. Members actively seek work that engages feminist practices in resistance to white supremacy, homophobia, and other forms of oppression.
Conference schedule, papers, and details are found on our Website.
Download the Poster/Program.