Available SSW GSA Positions

Two types of positions are available for the SSW GSA this year: the appointed Senator positions and the elected officer position of Secretary.

Senators attend monthly meetings of the collective GSA Senate, which always fall on the first Wednesday of the month, with check-in from 6:00 – 6:29pm, and meetings formally starting at 6:30pm. Meetings usually last for about an hour, though the last meeting of the year (in April) can go up to three or four hours in length because of collective GSA executive elections.

At these meetings, senators vote on funding use and various other issues in the interest of fellow social work students and our professional code of ethics. A department can have multiple voting senators, but all senators must attend each meeting and stay for the full duration or send an officer or previously appointed alternate in their place. Senators are given an important look into how the collective GSA functions and have opportunities to gain further insight into how non-profit businesses are administrated. If you are interested in taking on a senator role, please send an email to cawalter@buffalo.edu by 10/3 with the following information:

-Year and program (i.e. 1st/2nd/3rd year MSW, PhD, MSW/MBA, etc)
-Preferred contact info

The secretary  is tasked by the constitution with the following duties:

“- Shall take attendance and keep an accurate log of minutes from each meeting, including the approval or disapproval of any discussed funding
– Shall make minutes available electronically to regular attendees (e.g. an email list) and upon request to all members.
– Shall attend monthly officer meetings to serve the upkeep of the Association

With the mutual agreement of all involved officers, duties may be temporarily shared or reassigned as best benefits the Association’s functioning as a whole.”

The secretary, like any officer, has the ability to attend collective GSA meetings as a voting member should they desire to do so. SSW GSA officers gain important insight into how the social work GSA functions, as well as the collective GSA, and will be offered opportunities to take on additional responsibilities should they so desire.

Students interested in running for the role of secretary should email cawalter@buffalo.edu by 9/26 with the following information:

-Year and program (i.e. 1st/2nd/3rd year MSW, PhD, MSW/MBA, etc)-Preferred contact info
-Brief statement (paragraph or two) on what you hope to bring to the SSW GSA

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