The Social Work GSA provides a number of services for MSW and PhD students within the School of Social Work, paid for by your student fee.

Conference Funding: Students wishing to attend a conference are entitled to apply for up to $100 per academic year (beginning in Fall and ending at the end of the Summer semester), while students presenting at a conference are entitled to apply for up to $200 per academic year. Students are encouraged to seek further funding from the collective Graduate Student Association, as well as from the School of Social Work.

Event Encumbrance and Assistance: If you planning an event on campus or in a public (i.e. non-housing) location, and your event will be open to all social work students, the Social Work GSA can consider sponsoring your event and encumbering some of the cost. We can also help with advertising your event and reserving a room on campus, regardless of whether or not we are able to provide financial assistance.

Self-Care: The Social Work GSA hosts numerous self-care opportunities throughout the year, which will always be listed on our event calendar. Additional self-care opportunities through the collective Graduate Student Association are also found on our event calendar as well as on their website.

Advocacy: The Social Work GSA has a representative at School of Social Work faculty meetings, and can be a valuable ally in voicing concerns of the student body. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Employees of the school who are currently graduate students may also find useful advocacy with the Graduate Student Employees Union.

Leadership Development: In addition to having students hold office as an officer or senator, the SSWGSA assists in making sure students are aware of opportunities to sit on panels within the SSW and the larger University at Buffalo. These opportunities, when they arise, will be mentioned in our newsletter and at our meetings.

Please be advised of additional services available through the collective GSA, also paid for with your student fee. These services include:

Free legal advice

Free legal representation for Student-Wide Judiciary and Campus Living Community Standards hearings

Free notary (315 Student Union, North Campus)

The Mark Diamond Research Fund, for up to $2500 in financial assistance on dissertation-related expenses

A pharmacy on South Campus

Editing services