Violetta Ravagnoli

Pic_ViolettaCurrent Position Held: Assistant Professor, Emmanuel College

Fields: China | Migration

PhD History, University at Buffalo
MS International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology
BA Asian Studies, University of Rome “La Sapienza”


Dissertation: “Networks Without Borders: the Construction of Chinese Ethnicity in Italy”

Dr. Ravagnoli’s research, based on ethnographic research in China and Italy, explores dynamism and friction in the lives of Chinese migrants in Italy. Chinese migrations are founded on transnationally connected family and business networks. Hence, this research investigates migrants in both sending and receiving countries, by following their personal struggle for settlement and adaptation as well as migrants’ intrinsic existential translocality – tension between two or more demanding backgrounds. It portrays individuals’ stories of connections and negotiations by looking at local settings in sending and receiving communities and at how historicized memories influence people’s backgrounds, upbringing and consequential social changes at both ends of the migratory chain. It refers to issues of language, practice, beliefs, education and institutions and it argues that daily tensions and accommodations are not temporary modes in migration histories, but are tied to the reality of migrants’ daily lives – persistently ambivalent.