Christopher Notaro | CV

Fields: Modern Germany | Atlantic

Advisor: Andreas Daum 

BA History and German Language, Canisius College

Dissertation Title: “Atlantic Swastika: Popular Nationalism, German Expatriates, and the Rise of National Socialism”

My research explores the transnational dimensions of the rise of the Nazi movement, specifically through the lens of German expatriates (the Auslandsdeutsche) who returned to Germany from the Americas and served under Hitler. I am interested in the role of nationalism in fostering a transnational national identity among Germans around the turn-of- the-century, which later played into expatriates’ willingness to embrace Nazism. I contend that this laid the social, intellectual, political, and emotional foundations for the emergence of a global Volksgemeinschaft (“people’s community”) that the Nazis would later exploit as an integrative force to gain support on their road to power. In short, my research locates the origins of the Volksgemeinschaft in the modern Atlantic world and views it as a transnational phenomenon.