Jonathan Lower

Jon Lower | CV

Fields: US 20th century | Popular Culture | Disability Studies

Advisors: Victoria Wolcott | Michael Rembis 

MA US History, Kent State University
BA History, Kent State University Stark Campus
AA Music, Stark State College of Technology, Music

Jonathan Lower’s research focus is on US popular culture in the 20th century, merging multiple academic disciplines for a comparative approach to history and pop culture. Jonathan is currently a PhD Candidate working on his doctoral dissertation investigating the intersections of Race, Music and Disability in early 20th century Blues Musicians. He focuses on rural southern African Americans living in the United States during the early 1900s, particularly the social context of rural musicians during the Great Migration, as well as the role popular music played in shaping American society that still resonates today. While working on his dissertation, Jonathan is currently a visiting scholar at Case Western Reserve and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Archives and adjunct professor at Daemen College in Amherst NY.