Qiong Liu

Qiong Liuqliu22@buffalo.edu | CV

Concentration: Modern Chinese History

MA Modern Chinese History, Nanjing University
BA History, Nanjing University

My future research will focus on gender relations during periods of social change in twentieth-century China. In my dissertation, I plan to examine women and gender relations in times of rapid social change, including the overthrow of the Qing government in the 1910s, the rise of consumerism in 1920s, the Japanese invasion in the 1930s to 1940s, and the establishment of People’s Republic of China in the 1950s. I am interested in the “dark side” of gender relations, including violence, vice, and death. I intend to select different cases from different epochs, with the aim to reveal women’s agency and their various responses to their surroundings and themselves. I will focus on the following questions: How did particular institutions regulate women and gender relations? What were women’s responses during rapid social changes? How did women express themselves, including their love and hatred, both in actions and narratives?