Graduate Student Accomplishments

Our Graduate Students actively earn various awards and honors. 

American Association for State and Local History Leadership in History Award

Marissa Rhodes, 2017

American Catholic Historical Association Presidential Graduate Student Travel Grant

Elisabeth Davis, 2018, 2019

American Association for the History of Medicine Travel Grant

Shuko Tamao, 2017

American Historical Association’s Michael Kraus Research Grant

Marissa Rhodes, 2016

American Philosophical Society

Andee Nero, Library Resident Research Fellow, 2018-2019

Marissa Rhodes, Resident Research Fellowship, 2016

Andrew C. Duncan Catholic History Trust

Derek Taylor, 2018

Anne R. Tirone Fellowship

Emily Bowlus-Peck, 2018

Elisabeth Davis, 2017

Richard Deverell, 2018

Shuko Tamao, 2017

Derek Taylor, 2018

Bordin-Gillette Fellowship

Colin Eager, 2012

Career Diversity Implementation Grants

Shuko Tamao, 2018

Center for Popular Music Studies at Case Western Reserve University and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Archives Fellowship

Jonathan Lower, 2018

CUSHWA Center for the Study of American Catholicism Research Grant

Elisabeth Davis, 2019

David Rogers Research Fund

Derek Taylor, 2018

F.C. Wood Institute Travel Grant

Alexandra Prince, 2018

Fellowship on Women & Public Policy at the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society

Shanleigh Corrallo, 2018

Folger Institute

Emily Bowlus-Peck, Travel Grant-In-Aid for Researching the Archive Seminar, 2018-2019

Marissa Rhodes, Travel Grant-In-Aid for Embodied Sense Seminar,  2017

Gender Institute Dissertation Fellowship

Alexandra Prince, 2018-2019

Elizabeth Masarik, 2017-2018

Gustin L. Reichbach Memorial Scholarship Fund

Qiong Liu, 2013

Huntington Library Residential Summer Institute in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Emily Bowlus-Peck, 2019

John Naylor Fellowship

Colin Eager, 2012

Elisabeth George, 2016

John Tracy Ellis Dissertation Award

Elisabeth Davis, 2018

Lapidus-Omohundro Institute

Andee Nero, Predoctoral Fellow, 2018-2019

Marissa Rhodes, Fellowship Early American History & Transatlantic Print Culture, 2016

Margaret W. Moore and John M. Moore Research Fellowship

Shuko Tamao, 2017

Mark Diamond Research Fund

Shanleigh Corrallo, 2017

Elisabeth Davis, 2017

Maria Daxenbichler, 2017

Colin Eager, 2012

Elisabeth George, 2016

Elizabeth Masarik, 2016

Christopher Notaro, 2017

Emily Bowlus-Peck, 2018

Alexandra Prince, 2018

Marissa Rhodes, 2016

Joshua Schroeder, 2117

Katie Smyer, 2017

Shuko Tamao, 2017

Mary Baker Eddy Library Fellowship

Alexandra Prince, 2018

McNeil Fellowship in Early American History

Marissa Rhodes, 2016

Michigan State University Graduate History Association Travel Award

Justin Masucci, 2017

Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies Graduate Student Paper Prize

Marissa Rhodes, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies Graduate Student Travel Grant

Marissa Rhodes, 2018

Midwest World History Association Graduate Award

Justin Masucci, 2016

New York State Professional Development Award

Elizabeth Masarik, 2016

Oral History Association Presenter’s Scholarship

Elisabeth George, 2015

Phil Zwickler Memorial Grant

Elisabeth George, 2015

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Alumni Microgrant

Alexandra Prince, 2017

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Research Fellowship

Alexandra Prince, 2018

 Stern Grant

Katie Smyer, 2018

Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Sexuality Writing Collective

Elizabeth Masarik, 2018

UB Graduate Student Employee Union Professional Development Award

Justin Masucci, 2018

UB College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship

Justin Masucci, 2017-2018

UB Humanities Institute Dissertation Fellowship

Marissa Rhodes, 2017-2018

Elisabeth George, 2015-2016

UB Presidential Fellowship

Paul Rellstab, 2018

UB Public Humanities Fellowship

John Marsland, 2016-2017

West African Research Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship 

Victoria Nachreiner, 2019

Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation Research Fellowship

Maria Daxenbichler, 2017