28th Annual Milton Plesur Graduate History Conference

Friday, March 8:

4:30 – 5:30 pm: Registration – Harriman Ballroom

5:30 – 07:00 pm: Keynote Address [Dr. Katherine Ott, National Museum of American History] (DFN 146)


Saturday, March 9:

8:00 – 9:00 am:  Registration & Breakfast – Harriman Ballroom

9:15 – 10:45 am: Conference Presentations, Panel I

Room A (Diefendorf 4): “Concepts of Freedom”

Chair: Dr. Cari Casteel, University at Buffalo

  • Gregory Cross, Mercyhurst University, “The Freedom to Enslave: British Challenges to Colonial Slavery and Virginian Patriotism on the Eve of Revolution”
  • Olivier Péloquin, McGill University, “Mississippi in the Fall of 1875: Guns, God, Government, Citizenship and Race”
  • Johnathan M. Parker, University at Buffalo, Alumnus, “A Review of the Colored Musicians Club”
  • Shuko Tamao, University at Buffalo, “Some Heavy Piece of Apparatus Being Pushed into Place Behind His Head”: Experiences of Shock Treatment in Mid-20th Century America”

Room B (Diefendorf 5): “On the Margins”

Chair: Dr. Victoria Wolcott, University at Buffalo

  • Eric A. Deutsch, University at Buffalo, “Exile on Delancey St.: Working-Class Poetry and the Historiographical Erasure of Identity”
  • Marcia Esteves Agostinho, University of Rochester,“What Comics can tell about Racial Relations in the Brazil Old Republic”
  • Aura S. Jirau, University of Pittsburgh, “A House of Studies Under Invasion: The University of Puerto Rico in Print, 1952-1971”

10:45 am – 12:15 pm: Conference Presentations, Panel II

Room A (Diefendorf 4):  “The Material Politics of the Cold War”

Chair: Dr. Susan Cahn, University at Buffalo

  • Daniel P. Ward, University at Buffalo,“Samuel Fuller and the Korean War on Film”
  • Asri Saraswati, American Studies Program, University at Buffalo, “Writing Between Tall Corns: Iowa’s International Writing Program and Cold War Politics”
  • Taylor J. Moore-Hutton, Mercyhurst University, “The Soviet Union and Active Measures Targeting the United States”
  • Aubrey Fan, University at Buffalo, “Material and Methodology”


Room B (Diefendorf  5): “Nineteenth Century Transformations”

Chair: Dr. Katherine Ott, National Museum of American History

  • Jonathan Makeley, University at Buffalo, “The Place of the Temperance Pledge in 19th-Century New York”
  • Thomas J. Howard V, Westfield State University, “A Dangerous Road to Success: Thomas Sheldon’s Quest to Research and Finance the Westfield Canal”
  • Daniel Gorman Jr., University of Rochester, “Fair Traveler: May Bragdon at the Columbian and Pan-American Expositions”

12:15 – 1:15 pm: Lunch – Harriman Ballroom

1:30 – 3:00 pm: Conference Presentations, Panel III

Room A (Diefendorf 4):  “Fashioning Identity”

Chair: Dr. Averill Earls, Mercyhurst University

  • Erum Hadi, St. John’s University, “Designed by Diversity: The Syncretic Cultural History of Gujarati Textiles”
  • Antonio Hernández Matos, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus, “The Roaring ’20s in the Tropics: Fashion, Modernity, and the Female Body in Puerto Rico, 1920-1930”
  • Dean J. Guarnaschelli, St. John’s University, “Flax Shirts in All Sizes: Identity and the Gottscheer Germans of Past and Present”
  • Zeinab Eskandari, University of Cincinnati, “Analyzing the Main Differences of Hijab’s Usage among Urban and Rural Women in Nineteenth-Century Iran”


3:00 – 4:30 pm:  Conference Presentations, Panel IV

Room A (Diefendorf 4): “Morality and Method”

Chair: Dr. Ndubueze Mbah, University at Buffalo

  • Jungmin Kim, Independent Scholar, “Against Covering Laws: Narrative, Causation, and Historical Method”
  • Arranne Paige-Rispoli, University at Buffalo, “Between the Pulpit and the Gallows: The Dissemination of Execution Sermons and the Cultivation of Moral Authority in Early America”
  • James F. Taylor III, Independent Scholar “Contesting Enslavement: Lockean Conceptualizations and the Slave’s Sense of Self in Frederick Douglass’s Printed Words”
  • Marissa C. Rhodes, University at Buffalo, “Get Your Globular Nipple Cases Here!: Using 18th-Century Marketing Materials as Evidence”

4:30 pm: Closing ReceptionHarriman Ballroom